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Since 2003, Science Edventure has been helping hundreds of students achieve excellent results in school and national exams. Read what some parents and students have to say about us.

Jason Lim Tuition Science Heuristics
Science Heuristics
“Best Centre!” Great Improvement

I think Science Edventure is the best centre! My son has gone from scoring 50+ to 95.5 (in P4)! What more can I ask for?

Mrs. Suripto (Gerald Suripto, SJI Junior)

Best Decision Ever Made!

I must thank Mr Jason for guiding my child in getting an A* for his PSLE Science. We did not expect our child to do so well as he could only get a low A grade for Science in school. Unlike many other Science tuition centres, Mr Jason’s Science class is never boring. My child would always share with me the fun experiments that they did in class and sometimes they would even bring home fun toys related to some science concept. In addition, Mr Jason was very helpful and patient in answering my son’s doubt, especially near the exam period and late through some nights. He was also able to point out my child’s weaknesses and guided me in doing effective revision with my son at home before PSLE. The notes given during the 5 days revision in September holiday was extremely useful too. Sending my child to Science Edventure was the best decision I had ever made. Thank you once more Mr Jason!

Mdm. Bee Luan Chua (Rulang Primary School)

Trusted Through The Years

Hi Jason, a big big thank you to you!!! Yee Jen scored A* for science!!!! Sending my no.3 and no.4 kids to you in 3 years’ time!!! Thanks so much!!

Mrs. Ong (Ong Yee Jen, Ai Tong School)

Constantly Producing Results

Good morning Mr. Jason. I would like to share our joy with you that Zhe Kai got an A* for his Science. We are so thankful for your guidance given to Kai all these years and without you, this achievement may not be possible. Thanks a lot, Mr. Jason!

Mrs. Low (Low Zhe Kai, Nanyang Primary)

Patient & Caring Teacher, Effective Teaching Methods

I would like to thank you for guiding Claire this year in her science and I could see the improvement in her results. She got 76.5 for SA1 (from 60+ last year). Thank you also for helping her brother Ryan (Zhang De Primary) get an A* for his PSLE 2 years ago. The children and I appreciate your patience, care and effective teaching methods.

Mr. Mark Tan (Claire Tan, St Margaret’s Primary School)

Top In School

My son topped his school for his prelims for science and got A* for his PSLE. Thank you so much for your hard work you put in. Without your effort, my son would not come this far AT ALL to achieve such great result. We owe it to you, Mr Jason!

Mrs. Tan (Dylan Tan, St Stephen’s School)

Science Heuristics Science Heuristics
Science Heuristics
Improve Answering Open-ended Questions, Top In School

Mr. Jason helped me improve my way of answering open-ended questions and reduce the number of marks deducted. He is very patient and his explanations are very clear. By the way, the science experiments are just awesome!!

Reuben Singam , ACS (Primary) Top in school for science preliminary exam

Interesting Lessons, Effective Teaching

Lessons are always interesting and never boring. He points out our mistakes and thinks of ways to remind us not to repeat the same mistakes again. The important keywords taught in class helped me to score in my exam.

Lim Kia Teng, Nanyang Primary

Awesome Experiments, Cultivating Interest

Instead of just squeezing concepts into our brains, we did many exciting experiments. The experiment on dissecting a real cow’s heart inspired me to become a vet next time. The lessons give me confidence that I will breeze through the PSLE.

Eunice Foo, CHIJ Toa Payoh

Challenging Worksheets, Creative Teaching

The worksheets were challenging and required application of concepts. The notes were clear and there were clever ways to help me remember specific concepts eg. Mum’s Chicken Wings and W.H.A.T. The experiments were fascinating and made the lessons very interesting.

Justin Lo, GEP, Catholic High School

“Interesting, Funny and Knowledgeable Teacher”

The classes here taught extra information that were interesting and also helped me to remember important keywords to use in an easier way. Teacher Jason is a very interesting, funny and knowledgeable teacher who is good at attracting the class’ attention.

Lee Jin Shaun, Catholic High School

Made Aware Of Common Mistakes

We were exposed to VERY DIFFICULT questions and taught how to spot common mistakes from other students’ exam papers. We were trained to become teachers!

Rachel Lian, Ai Tong School

Spotting PSLE Questions

Mr. Lim has great ‘foresight’ in predicting questions. They really came out in the PSLE! The information given in class are very useful too

Vanessa Tan, St Nicholas Girls School

Full Marks!

Hello Mr. Jason, I am Daniel from P3. I have gotten back my Science SA2 paper today and I got full marks! Thank you for teaching me, otherwise I would not have gotten full marks.

Daniel Yang, Northview Primary School

Understanding Lessons Through Experiments, Useful Notes

I have been attending Science Edventure for 3 years. Mr Jason is a very good teacher. He makes Science a very interesting subject through experiments. These experiments makes us remember some of the science concepts. He has a lot of useful notes which help us in the exams. I like his lessons very much.

Hayden Chua, Pei Chun Public School

Highly Recommended!!

Teaches well! When we feel tired, he finds ways to cheer us up! I have been taking classes from Science Edventure since 2018! My grades have improved tremendously! Highly recommended!!

Nat Ooi, Marymount Convent

Useful Methodology, Humorous

RECAPTM is very useful for me. I used it during the PSLE to answer the questions. I learnt new strategies to help me recall concepts. The experiments are interesting and fun. I learnt other science concepts from the experiments that are not in the syllabus. Mr. Jason is funny and always makes us laugh out loud with his jokes. He ‘entertains’ us and is humorous in his lessons.

Tan Kay Lyan, St. Andrew's Junior School

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