Science Keywords
Cultivating Interest

At Science Edventure, we believe in making science exciting to learn, not just by doing any fun hands-on activity but also by carefully selecting inquiry-based experiments designed to develop critical thinking skills. We hope every student will cultivate a deep interest in and love for science even after leaving school.

Many students learn and retain memory better by doing the actual experiments rather than by reading about it or being taught by the teacher on the board. That is why we invest heavily on science equipment and experiments specially imported from USA, UK, China and Japan that are guaranteed to bring the “wows” and “oohs” out of every student.

The conducive classroom environment in the centre ensures an effective learning process to take place for the students. Students conduct their own hands-on experiments in the spacious, fully-equipped science lab to reinforce concepts taught in class.

The Centre makes use of models, actual specimens and multimedia such as relevant science videos to further engage students. It also gives students extra enrichment materials to arouse their interest and spur them to learn more about the topic.