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Science Edventure focuses on building up a strong foundation in science for students through our specially prepared detailed notes and challenging worksheets. This ensures that students get a thorough understanding of science concepts and build up their process skills which are tested extensively in the exams. Our unique answering technique has helped GEP and mainstream students improve the way they answer open-ended questions. This has made a great difference to our students, helping them to achieve excellent results.


Many students with a good grasp of concepts tend to do well for the multiple-choice section but may only get mediocre results for their open-ended section, even with tons of exam papers to practice on. Without identifying the root cause of this problem, some may get disheartened if they are unable to see a breakthrough in their results despite trying very hard.

At Science Edventure, students are taught how to refine their answers using the RECAP ® answering technique, a method that has helped more than a thousand students improve the way they answer open-ended questions.

Chemistry Tuition for JC1 Science Heuristics

A student conducted an experiment on 2 beakers made of materials A and B. He placed an equal amount of water in each beaker and heated them using similar flames.
The graph below shows his results.

Secondary Science Tuition Centre

Which material would be more suitable to be used as a bowl to cool down some hot soup quickly? [2 marks]


Material A. It is a good conductor of heat so it can cool down the hot soup quickly.

Students are typically given only ½ to 1 mark out of 2 for such answers during school exams. Using the RECAP® method, students are taught how to answer such questions specifically by applying relevant science concepts, using scientific vocabulary (keywords) and analysing information from data (graphs) in order to obtain full marks.

Science Heuristics
Science Tuition Centre for Secondary School Science Heuristics

We help to build a strong foundation of scientific concepts through:

Primary Science Tuition Centre in Singapore

Weekly concept quizzes

Secondary Science Tuition Centre

Comprehensive notes

Chemistry Tutor Singapore

Detailed explanations by the teacher

PSLE Science Answering Techniques

Extra enrichment materials to extend students’ scope of knowledge

PSLE Science Revision

Correction of common misconceptions

Science Heuristics

Our worksheets incorporate:

PSLE Tuition Centre

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to stretch students’ minds

PSLE Science Questions

Exam-oriented questions to prepare students well for major exams

PSLE Science Answering Techinique

Application-of-concepts questions that are typically asked in national exams

Secondary Science Tuition Centre Science Heuristics
Chemistry Tuition Singapore Science Heuristics

Data-based questions are frequently tested in the exams. Our materials are designed to help students:

Science Tuition Centre for Secondary School

Improve graph interpretation skills

PSLE Science Tuition Centre

Analyse trends and data in tables and graphs

Primary Science Tuition Centre in Singapore

Derive a pattern or relationship between variables

Science Heuristics

Process skills that are a requirement in the MOE syllabus are extensively incorporated in our teaching materials as well as in experiments to prepare students for the exams.

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